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Activities in technical standardisation

Most important activities provided in the area of technical standardization are:

  • Providing activities of technical standardization in compliance with the Act No. 60/2018 Coll. on standardization,
  • Proposing of conception and development programme of technical standardization in Slovak Republic in compliance with activities of European and International standardization organizations (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, ISO, IEC),
  • Coordination of technical standardization performance in compliance with state policy, transfer of requirements in public interest,
  • Evaluation of technical standardization plan (PTN) from the point of view of public interest priorities and economy of the SR and fulfilling the duties of the national standardization body resulting from the membership in European standardization organizations; PTN is published in the UNMS SR Journal "Vestník ÚNMS SR"  and on the website,
  • Providing activities of Council of UNMS SR president for state policy and harmonization in technical standardization,
  • Processing the proposals and preparation of stand points to the legal regulation drafts regulating executive activities of technical standardization,
  • Providing announcement of harmonised Slovak technical standards related to Slovak Government Ordinances or other general legally binding regulation in the Journal of the UNMS SR,
  • Editing of Journal of UNMS SR, publishing of information, announcements, and decisions,
  • Participation in the Terminology Commission activities,
  • Performing of advisory and consultancy activities,
  • Cooperation with professional bodies, interested organizations, scientific institutions, universities, authorised and notified bodies, entrepreneurial subjects, state administration bodies and other legal and natural bodies, subservient to provide the standardization tasks,
  • Coorganizing the Standardization Forum, and the World Standardization Day, where the Vladimir List prize was awarded. 

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