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The main tasks of the Department of Metrology:

• elaborates the concept of state policy in the field of metrology and ensures its realization,

• represents the Slovak Republic in international metrological organizations, ensures the tasks emerging from this membership and co-ordinates the participation of bodies, legal entities and physical persons in the fulfillment of these tasks as well as of tasks arising from international agreements in the field of metrology, by which the Slovak Republic is bound,

• determines the kinds of legally controlled measuring instruments, technical requirements and metrological requirements for individual kinds of legally controlled measuring instruments and the method for metrological control thereof,

• issues decisions on authorization for carrying out of verification of legally controlled measuring instruments and carrying out of official measurement and keeps records of authorized entities,

• issues decisions on registration and keeps records of registered entities,

• regulates the activities in the field of metrology,

• publishes in the Official Journal the declaration of national measurement standards and certified reference materials, approved types of measuring instruments, notifications about authorization and permissions for temporary use of other than legal units of measurement,

• creates conditions for metrological activities under the Act No. 142/2000 Coll. on metrology as amended by the Act No. 431/2004 Coll.,

• elaborates, supervises and regularly evaluates fulfillment of the contract between the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing and the Slovak Institute of Metrology

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