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Key tasks of metrology in 2008

1) To ensure participation in united European metrological research
To integrate Slovak metrology at least into two projects with a financial support of the EU as well as into two projects financed from Slovak sources. Continually observe calls for projects. To create suitable conditions for participation in the projects.

2) To ensure closer cooperation with Slovak industry
To update information on needs and requirements of individual sectors of the Slovak economy for metrological research and metrological services. To strength support of new production sectors and technologies being introduced to Slovak economy (automotive industry, electronic industry, atom power plants, etc.). The growing economy requires ensuring of appropriate development and maintenance of national measuring standards as well as transfer of realized units and scales of physical and technical quantities.

3) To ensure education of metrological personnel
Slovak Institute of Metrology in close cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology and under the support of Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing ensures a better support for education of scientific workers and industrial metrologists. The Institute uses its Educational Center for this task.

4) To ensure closer cooperation with the other state administration bodies
Office with the support of Institute and the assigned organisation shall deepen the cooperation with the state administration bodies – ministries and offices to support application of EU directives and introduction of new trends in metrological assurance of instruments and devices. The unified strategy of individual resorts should be ensured.
The particular attention shall be paid to closer coordination with the state administration bodies to metrologically assure the measurements resulting from acts issued by those bodies, e.g. for calculation of excise taxes (spirit and alcohol drinks, mineral oils, etc.).

5) To ensure a transparent system for verification of legally controlled measuring instruments
Strictly apply the demand for neutrality and qualification capability of a businessman when evaluating a demand for authorisation enabling verification of legally controlled measuring instruments. To keep in thorough supervision over authorised bodies to ensure consistent fulfillment of the authorisation conditions.

6) To ensure a relevant influence of the state administration in the assigned organisation
As the actual legal form of the assigned organisation (the non-profit organisation) that should provide services of legal metrology, is not a safe solution, the individual steps to renew a relevant influence of the state administration in the assigned organisation shall be performed. The main aim is to ensure the relevant state influence in legal metrology services.

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