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Permanent International Commission for Proofing of Firearms (C.I.P.) provides fulfilling obligations of the International Agreement on the Reciprocal Recognition of Proofmarks of Firearms from 1st July 1969. The Commission is a multilateral agreement comprised by 13 parties and its depository is situated in the Kingdom of Belgium. Slovak Republic is a regular member to this Commission since 1996. The membership is in full accordance with foreign policy of the Slovak Republic with substantial economic importance for recognition of marks and results of official testing. Results of the C.I.P. activities have impact on operation of all bodies dealing with production, testing and sales of firearms.

For fulfilling its function as the C.I.P. national secretariat SOSMT is concentrating on accomplishing both process and procedural tasks on international and European level. Its active participation at working sessions of respective C.I.P. sub-committees and direct informing on matters related to arms and ammunition is aimed at safety for firearms users in particular.

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