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The mission of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing which is a governmental institution with a cross-industry competence, is creation and development of the quality infrastructure tools.

Its primary goal is to create a competitive and effective environment in the Slovak Republic and to support the protection of consumer – each citizen.

In European meaning, the quality infrastructure is understood as standardization, metrology, conformity assessment, accreditation and market control, in which activities are focused on the enforcement of directives, particularly of the New Approach.

The main priority of the Office and organizations within its competence is to expand cooperation with relevant government ministries, other institutions of the central state administration and strategic partners and thus contribute significantly to structural changes in the Slovak economy, economic growth and economic prosperity achieved by the Slovak Republic.

The strategic intention of the Office management is to build a modern state administration body focused on quality management process, and organize it in such a way that it can respond flexibly to the changing environment in which it operates to be able to spend resources efficiently, to improve its performance and to provide high level services to the various interest groups.

Therefore, over a three year horizon the Office intends to implement the management tool accepted in Europe - the EFQM excellence model and in this context it will be funded, as one of the target groups, by the European Social Fund (ESF) project "Increasing the credibility and transparency of the organizations through the organization quality management system building”.

The global aim is to continue the established trend of cooperation in raising awareness about topics that contribute to better information of professional and general public about the activities of the Office and thus improve the citizens’ quality of life and promote positive image in the public as well as to strengthen and deepen cooperation with its subordinated organizations especially in professional fields but also in areas such as external communication and foreign relations.

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