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Activities in Testing

The Department of Testing of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing fulfils tasks arising from the Act No. 264/1999 Coll. on technical requirements on products and on conformity assessment and on change and amendments to some acts, as amended ("Law on conformity") and from the Act No. 254/2011 Coll. on transportable pressure equipment and on change and amendments to some acts.

Activities are focused primarily on the following:

- Enforcement of conformity assessment performance under the Act No. 264/1999 Coll (PDF, 104,9 kB)., Act No. 254/2011 Coll.,

- Granting, changing and withdrawing the authorization of bodies,

- Notification of bodies in charge of conformity assessment according to EC Directives,

- Coordination of the activity of Notified Bodies working groups for separate EC Directives and the Slovak Government Ordinances (PDF, 300,4 kB)

- Methodical guidance for activities of authorized and notified bodies,

- Monitoring of authorized and notified bodies in compliance with the Act No. 264/1999 Coll (PDF, 104,9 kB)., Act No. 254/2011 Coll.,

- Implementation of activities under the Testing and Technical Standardization Development Program,

- Preparing of supporting documents of international agreements and contracts, and providing the tasks arising from them,

- Organizing "The Day of Testing",

- Providing advisory and consultancy services in the field of conformity assessment.

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