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State administration bodies in the area of metrology

  • Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing
    The Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing is the State Administration Body in the Area of Metrology. Competences of the Office are in generally defined in Act No 575/2001 Coll on the organization of governmental activities and the organization of the central state administration. Competences of the Office in the field of metrology are described in more details in Article 4 of the Act No 157/2018 Coll on Metrology and on the Amendment to Certain Acts.
  • Slovak Metrological Inspectorate
    The Slovak Metrological Inspectorate is the body of metrological supervision ascertaining how the state administration bodies, entrepreneurs and other legal entities fulfil the obligations stipulated by the Act on metrology. Metrological inspectorate is examining legally controlled measuring instrument or prepackage retained under record. The inspectorate also fulfils the function of the market surveillance body in the field of measuring instruments.

Other bodies in the area of metrology

  • Slovak Institute of Metrology
    The Slovak Institute of Metrology is the national metrology institution (NMI) elaborating the conception of metrology development and carrying out research and development in the field of metrology. The Institute represents the Slovak Republic in international metrological organizations. The main activities of the Institute are connected to the international recognition of national measurement standards and passing their values to measurement standards and other measuring instruments used in the national economy.
  • Slovak Legal Metrology, nonprofit organization
    Slovak Legal Metrology, n. o., is the national legal metrology authority, entrusted with metrological control of the measuring instruments and other activities, in compliance with Act on metrology. Principal mission of Slovak Legal Metrology, n. o. covers all the activities related to measurements, units of measurement, measuring instruments and methods of measurement aimed at assuring the credibility of the measurement results in the state regulated sphere.

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