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§26  Registration
Act No. 142/2000 Coll. on metrology
and on change and amendment of some Acts as amended

(1) The entrepreneur the subject of whose activity is the repair or installation of legally controlled measuring instruments or packing or import of marked prepackages, before starting this activity is obliged to apply for registration at the Office.

(2) The condition for registration is that the entrepreneur:
      - has the technical equipment and spatial conditions for performance of activity being the subject of registration,
      - has provable ensured the traceability of used standards and measuring instruments,
      - employs a physical person responsible for the activity being the subject of registration and having a document on competence for the field of metrology issued by the Institute under § 29 clause 2 (hereinafter referred to as “representative”), or a physical person – entrepreneur owns himself a document on competence for the field of metrology under § 29 clause 3,
     - has an established and documented system of work that ensures permanent maintenance of determined working procedures in the process of execution of activities being the subject of registration,

(3) The fulfilment of conditions for registration shall be examined by the Office. A part of examination may be the control at the entrepreneur’s carried out by assigned organization at the costs of the entrepreneur.

(4) Details on registration shall be laid down by generally binding legal regulation that shall be issued by the Office.

- List of registration body download (PDF, 607,9 kB)
- Application to registration download (DOC, 58,4 kB)
- Methodological guideline of Metrology 04-02 – Registration  of enterpreneur download (PDF, 176,3 kB)

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