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Authorization is the granting of the conformity assessment of a specified product according to the technical regulation in the field of conformity assessment, while the technical regulation in the field of conformity assessment is according to § 2 of the Act of Conformity a technical regulation or legally binding act of the European Union. j. a generally binding legal regulation laying down technical requirements for specified products (Slovak legal regulation, directly effective legal regulation of the European Commission or the European Parliament and the Council).

Notification is the notification of the notifying authority to the European Commission and to the Member States of the European Union (hereinafter referred to as "Member State") pursuant to § 20 para. 1 of the Act on Conformity that an authorized person is authorized by the UNMS SR to assess the conformity of specified products and meets the authorization requirements and requirements of the technical regulation in the field of conformity assessment, which transpose or implement legally binding acts of the European Union.

Notifying authorities of the Slovak Republic:
The European Commission publishes and updates the lists of notifying authorities, notified bodies and other information in the New Approach Notified and Designated Organizations (NANDO) information system.




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