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1. What activity does your Office occupy with? What are metrology, standardization and testing?
The mission of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing which is a governmental institution with a cross-industry competence , is creation and development of the quality infrastructure tools. Its primary goal is to create a competitive and effective environment in the Slovak Republic and to support the protection of consumer – each citizen.
In European meaning, the quality infrastructure is understood as standardization, metrology, conformity assessment, accreditation and market control, in which activities are focused on the enforcement of directives, particularly of the New Approach.
The main priority of the Office and organizations within its competence is to expand cooperation with relevant government ministries, other institutions of the central state administration and strategic partners and thus contribute significantly to structural changes in the Slovak economy, economic growth and economic prosperity achieved by the Slovak Republic.

2. After the entry of the Slovak Republic to the European Union declaration of conformity delivered by the producer or certificates delivered by NB in any EU member state are accepted in Slovakia. I would like to know according to which document (agreement, treaty, government regulation)?
Acceptation of above mentioned papers results from more documents:
Treaty on the accession of the Slovak Republic to the European Union in which Slovakia undertook obligations of EU member state; provisions of the Treaty on European Community related to the internal market – areas without internal limits (for ex. Articles No. 3c, 14, 23) in which obstacles to the free movement are removed (Articles 28 – 30 of the Treaty on EC)

3. I would like to ask for help to loose the problem with compulsory signs required for a product for 220 V on the back cover. Could you help me or recommend me any regulation or competent person?
Electro technical products labeling is defined in standards related to the concrete type of product, for example for the electrical appliances the basic standard is STN EN 60335-1 (article 7 labeling and instructions). Complementary requirements on labeling, warning and instructions for each type of domestic electrical appliances are defined in several standards STN EN 60335-2-xxx.

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