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European Affairs and International Relations

• Coordinates and fulfils tasks issuing from conclusions of the Ministerial Council for the Lisbon Strategy and the European Union Affairs Commission 1,

• Through the Section Coordination Group coordinates the decision-making process related to European Union affairs and ensures the participation of the Office in the European Union Affairs Commission 1,

• Cooperates with the European Union authorities (particularly with the European Commission and European Union Council) in areas related to the free movement of goods as one of the basic freedoms of single market,

• Cooperates at finding solutions related to institutional implementation of Acquis Communautaire within the competence of the Office, particularly in the quality infrastructure,

• Works out and coordinates the preparation of the Slovak positions for meetings of committees, working groups and other European Commission structures as well as European Union Council and other European Union authorities and international organizations; within the framework of the Office ensures and coordinates the participation at such meetings as well as the fulfilment of tasks and information communication arising from those meetings,

• Ensures providing, co-ordination and monitoring of projects funded from the resources of pre-accession, structural and other funds as well as the funds assigned for developmental aid created by the Slovak Republic or international bodies,

• Creates developmental projects related to utilization of financial resources provided by pre-accession tools of the European Union as well as public resource sand, structural tools of the European Union; provides assessment and analyses of preparatory and design documentation of the projects covered from European funds destined for the needs of the Office or the organisations within the competence of the Office,

• Administers the contracts within the phase of accomplishment of the projects covered from European funds destined for the needs of the Office or the organisations within the competence of the Office,

• Cooperates on the projects for state administration trainings in the field of European affairs,

• Prepares statements and coordinates working out of positions related to documents of the EC Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, and the EC Directorate General for Enlargement,

• Provides guidance and coordination of the information exchange process in the field of technical regulations in the Slovak Republic as well as the intermediation of positions to the drafts of mandates for working out technical standards approved by the 98/34/EC Committee and to the objections against statute “harmonized EN” and changes of this statute discussed by the 98/34/EC Committee, including the communication with the European Commission,

• Within the framework of concluded international treaties of the Slovak Republic and on the basis of the European Union regulations informs all involved subjects in accordance with adopted procedures on preparation of technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures and other measures which could possibly create obstacles having impact on the international trade or free movement of goods (notification obligations, multilateral meetings at WTO, UNECE, EC Directorate General for Trade)

• Participates in preparation, working out of drafts of international treaties and takes part in the international meetings on these treaties,

• Provides statements related to legal and other Acts of the Slovak Republic and works out, respectively makes statements on the compatibility clauses and conformity tables to the legal arrangements transposing directives in the field of free movement of goods,

• Participates in the preparation of amendments to the legal acts in the Slovak Republic in the field of technical harmonization,

• Provides information on products within the non-harmonized area,

• Appointed experts ensure fulfilment of tasks related to the administration of selected Directives in the field of free movement of goods.

• Provides activities functioning of the Presidents/s Council for removal of technical barriers to trade

• Provides transfer and dissemination of the UNECE Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6) activities to the organisations within the competence of the Office; co-ordinates preparation of related Slovak outputs for the bodies of this working party,

More detailed information on the European Affairs Department issues available at:

Slovak Office Standards, Metrology and Testing
WTO Enquiry Point
P.O.Box 76
Štefanovièova 3
810 05 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Telephone/Telefax: + 421 2 5249 3521

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