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Rules and Requirements on Products

Whenever a product is to be placed on the European Union market, including the Slovak Republic, it has to be safe. This means that it must comply with all the rules (requirements) that apply to it. The rules can be harmonized or non-harmonized.

Harmonized Rules

At present, most product rules in the EU are harmonized. It means that the same rules apply in all EU countries. The rules in question may apply, for example, to product groups as given in the list of harmonized technical regulations. Part of these regulations represents the European legislation of the New Approach, and the products to which they apply are determined products in accordance with the Act No 56/2018 on product conformity assessment, the making available on the market of specified products and amendments to certain acts valid in the Slovak Republic.

Information on national (Slovak) rules implementing EU rules and requirements on products are available at the website Harmonised rules – implementation of EU rules.

Requirements for products harmonized at EU level can be found at the EU portal Trade Helpdesk which contains information on:
  • Product specific regulations and rules,
  • Bodies that can be contacted with enquiries about specific product requirements, and
  • VAT and excise duty rates for a specific product in the country of sale within the EU.
Product requirements within the Trade Helpdesk are searched by Customs Codes. In case the customs code is not known, it can be detected by the name of a specific product through the integrated search engine.

Non-harmonized rules

When specific products are not covered by any EU legislation, or they are covered only partially as regars some aspects of the products, this is a non-harmonized area. In the absence of EU-wide rules, individual countries may apply their own specifications (rules) which may differ from one EU country to another. In this case, it is sufficient to comply with the regulations that are in force in that EU country in which the products are marketed.

It means that products that have been legally placed on the market in one Member State, and manufacturer of which decides to place them on the market in another Member State, no longer have to meet the specific conditions laid down in the Member State into which the products in questions are to be imported. Exception is provided for the cases when a Member State has laid down the specific requirements justified by protection of public health, the environment, consumer protection, etc.

Information on national (Slovak) regulations applicable to products in the non-harmonized area are avaialble at the website Non-harmonized rules.

When placing so called non-harmonized products on the market, the mutual recognition principle applies.

Slovak technical standards
Standards portal

Whenever problems may occur while enforcing the rights applied in the European Union's internal market, including problems with mutual recognition when marketing products in another EU Member State, it is advised to contact SOLVIT. It is a network for reaching informal solutions to problems faced by citizens or businesses, set up at the initiative of the European Commission. In the Slovak Republic, the tasks of the SOLVIT network are provided by the Government Office of the Slovak Republic (Úrad vlády Slovenskej republiky).

Slovak Office Standards, Metrology and Testing
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More detailed information on the topic is available in Slovak language at the UNMS SR Website:
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