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Conformity Assessment

  1. Conformity assessment shall be the determination of whether the intrinsic characteristics of a specified product conform to the established technical requirements for a specified product by the procedures referred to in paragraph 3.

  2. Conformity shall be deemed to be established if the designated product meets all the technical requirements that apply to it.

  3. The conformity assessment procedures shall be:
    • conformity assessment by the manufacturer or importer,
    • conformity assessment of a product type (prototype) by an authorized person and the issuing of a certificate by an authorized person (product type certification),
    • conformity assessment of the product with the certified product type,
    • assessment of the production quality system or its components in the undertaking by an authorized person and inspection of its proper functioning,
    • assessment of the system of final product quality control in the company by an authorized person and inspection of its proper functioning,
    • the verification of conformity of the product with the certified product type or with the established requirements by the manufacturer or importer or authorized person on each product or statistically selected sample,
    • verification of the conformity of each product with the technical requirements by an authorized person,
    • inspection of the proper functioning of the quality management system in the enterprise by an authorized person and, if necessary, verification of the conformity of the product with the requirements of technical regulations at the product design stage,
    • other conformity assessment procedures where this is necessary to take over the content of a technical regulation issued by the institutions of the European Community.

  4. The certificate or conclusions and the results of the inspection may be used in the conformity assessment.

  5. The cost of conformity assessment shall be borne by the trader applying for conformity assessment.

  6. Conformity assessment procedures may be used to demonstrate the conformity of a non-designated product.

  7. Conformity assessment procedures may also be used for voluntary declaration of conformity with Slovak technical standards.

  8. The Order of the Government of the Slovak Republic shall lay down the details of:
    • the placing on the market of each group of specified products, depending on their technical complexity and the degree of potential danger associated with their use,
    • the procedures and operations to be performed for the conformity assessment (hereinafter referred to as the 'conformity assessment procedure'), by specifying or combining them,
    • the content of the relevant documentation, depending on the groups of products identified, their technical complexity, the degree of potential threat to the legitimate interest and the method of conformity assessment,
    • the content of the declaration of conformity, depending on the conformity assessment procedure used.




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