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Working groups of Notified Bodies

Conformity assessment requires particular cooperation between Notified Bodies (hereinafter "NB"), Member States and the European Commission. The European Commission by means of its Member States provides that cooperation between separate countries developed at a required level.

For simplification of cooperation the Notified Bodies have in corresponding sectors the opportunity to meet at the sessions of the working groups of NBs at the national level which represent suitable space for joint solution of tasks and important problems, and active exchange of information.

Non-participation of the Notified Body in cooperation (at the European or national level) can lead to withdrawal of notification.

2006/95/EC - Low voltage electrical equipment 
2009/105/EC, 97/23/EC and 2010/35/EU - Pressure equipment
2009/48/ES – Safety of Toys
2004/108/EC - Electromagnetic compatibility
89/686/EEC - Personal protective equipment
90/385/EEC, 93/42/EEC and 98/79/EEC - Medical devices
95/16/EC – Lifts 
2006/42/EC – Machinery
2000/09/EC - Cableway installations designed to carry persons
2000/14/EC - Noise Emissions for Outdoor Equipment
90/384/EEC - Non-automatic weighing instrument
2009/142/EC - Appliances burning gaseous fuels
92/42/EEC - Hot-water boilers

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