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State Policy Concept of Technical Standardization, Metrology, Testing and Accreditation

According to the Act. No. 575/2001 Coll. on Organization of Activities of Government and Other Central State Administration Bodies, quoting amendments of some acts, the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing (hereinafter “Office”) is central State Administration Body for the area of standardization, metrology, quality and conformity assessment and it elaborates State Policy Concept for those areas.

Submitted State Policy Concept covers the period from 2009 to 2012. During its existence since 1993, the Office has built structures ensuring technical harmonization by the spirit of European Union requirements. Thanks co-action of technical standardization, metrology, testing, accreditation and quality guarantee, we offer to Slovak entrepreneurs assurance in international trade, tools for competitiveness support of Slovak industry not only on the European market but also worldwide.

The system has been developed in accord with Commission Notice to European Parliament and Council on the Role of European Standardization within the European Policy and Legal Regulation in way to achieve revised aims of Lisbon strategy, if it was better regulation policy, considered environmental requirements in European standards, contribution of standardization for innovation, science and research, energy policy, eco design, quality improvement in agriculture production, better access to the markets for small and medium entrepreneurs, consumers´ protection or European standards to support realization of the Directive of EP and Council 2006/123/ES from the 12th December 2006 on Services on Internal Market.

Especially in the period from 2004 to 2008 many legal revisions were adopted in compliance with EU policy of better regulation to facilitate the goods´ movement and competitiveness of European industry which functioning isn’t possible without a quality infrastructure. The better is developed, the bigger competitiveness is offered for domestic business.

The aims of State Policy of Standardization, Metrology, Testing and Accreditation are:
- better access to technical standards by STN on-line,

- metrology giving honesty guarantee of commercial transactions also in following years when we anticipate reconstruction of metrology legislation on the EU level with the aim to harmonize completely requirements on measuring instruments and metrology control

- testing houses which results are accepted not only on EU markets but also worldwide because they had been accredited by accreditation system of the Slovak National Accreditation Service which is member of multilateral agreements on mutual recognition and their importance is going to rise up substantially while opening new markets for Slovak entrepreneurs by the new regulation package.

- national contact place for products which is going to provide not only information on technical provisions and standards valid in the country of final destination but also provide logistics opening European markets in keeping with Direction of EP and Council (ES) No. 764/2008 from the 9th June 2008 defining processes related to application of some domestic technical rules on products which are, in accord with legal rules, implemented on market in the other member state and by which the Decision No. 3052/95/ES was cancelled (hereinafter Regulation (ES) No. 764/2008).

- amendment of development concept of information systems of the Office with two new information systems; in administration – conformity assessment sector the National Contact Place for Products is going to be established for availability of information on domestic technical requirements for products which are implemented on market in the other member state

Achievement of those goals in the period 2009 to 2012 will need:
- an active participation in European Commission working groups which are focused on preparation of the amendments, on explication and unified implementation of the directives of the new approach and all this in conditions of changing statutes of those working groups (from advisory power to regulation power with monitoring from the EP),

- an active participation in the working group G7 of the Council for competitiveness which is going to work at adaptation of all New Approach Directives to the new regulation package for products, especially to the:
                         - Regulation of EP and Council No. 765/2008 from the 9th July 2008 which defines requirements on accreditation and market surveillance, in connection with products´ implementation on the market and which cancel the Regulation (EEC) No. 339/93 (hereinafter Regulation No. 765/2008. 
                          -  Decision of EP and Council 768/2008/ES from the 9th July 2008 on Mutual Framework for Implementation of the Products on the Market and on Cancellation of the Decision 93/465/EEC (hereinafter Decision 768/2008/ES

After the work at the new Directive of EP and Council on Toys Safety, working group will work at electrical devises, pressure equipment and measuring instruments; considering elements from the New Regulation Package, it will revise Directive of EP and Council 2002/95/ES from the 27th January 2003 on Reduction of some Dangerous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Devices and Directive of Council 96/98/ES from the 20th December 1996 on Marine Equipment. Than the Council working group G7 for competitiveness will work at revision of the Directive of EP and Council 98/34/ES from the 22nd June 1998 on Process of Providing Information in the Area of Technical Standards and Regulations in valid text (hereinafter Directive 98/34/ES) for support of better information change while creating technical regulation, standards and rules of information society with appropriate addition of rules for domestic services and information providing also to the internal market contact places.

- appropriate reflection on the level of European Commission and Council of those regulations discussed within activity of ministerial coordination commission (established to realize creation of attitudes to EU legal acts); possibly participation on working at accreditation schemes for existing and new created harmonizing legal regulations of European Community, in intention of the Regulation (ES) No. 765/2008; stimulation of information change within the EU and inter-ministerial cooperation to reach above mentioned aims.

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