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EU Interdepartmental Coordinative Group (RKS)

  Within the SOSMT framework the Interdepartmental Coordinative Group deals with co-ordinating issues related to the European Union. In all issues the Department is acting in accordance with the Constitutional Law No.397/2004 Coll. on the co-operation of the Slovak National Council and Slovak Government in regard to the EU issues, as well as Government Decrees No. 681 dated 19th June 2002, No. 431 dated 5th June 2003 and No. 1120 dated 24th November 2004, respectively.

  Interdepartmental Coordinative Group represents basic level in co-ordination of the decision-making process and influences preparation of the Slovak positions at all stages of taking decisions. The major task of the RKS is to prepare preliminary standpoints and positions as well as instruction and position drafts of the Slovak Republic submitted by Slovak representatives at meetings of respective European Council and European Commission structures.

The RKS sessions were dealing with free movement of following categories of goods:
• gas appliances
• toys
• electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits
• lifts
• motor vehicles
• personal protective equipment
• machinery
• pre-packed goods
• noise emissions in the environment by equipment used outdoors
• financing of European standardization
• agreements on mutual recognition of the conformity assessment between the EU and other countries

The Interdepartmental Coordinative Group at the SOSMT is a structure open to inviting experts and interested participants according to the issue discussed.

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