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20. december 2013

The Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Fields of Standardisation, Metrology, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation (MoU) between the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing and the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (STAMEQ) and the Bureau of Accreditation, the Socialist Republic of VietNam was signed on 8th October 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City in VietNam.

For the the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing (SOSMT) the Memorandum was signed by Jozef Mihok, President of the SOSMT, for the STAMEQ and the Bureau of Accreditation the MoU was signed by Ngo Quy Viet, Director General of the STAMEQ.

The MoU was signed during the 48th Meeting of the International Committee of Legal Metrology (CIML), which took place in Ho Chi Minh City on 6 - 11 October 2013. For the SOSMT Ing. Jaromir Markovic, PhD, Director General of the Slovak Legal Metrology and Ing. Thomas Švantner, Director of Metrology Department of the Slovak Institute of Metrology participated at the CIML meeting.

In the MoU the parties declared that they intend to, inter alia, provide each other with information on national standards and technical regulations, on authorised, notified and accredited conformity assessment bodies, cooperate in the field of conformity assessment in order to ensure the conditions for the recognition of calibration, test results and certification under legislation in force in the states of parties, to cooperate in the implementation of quality management system.

The Signing of the MoU creates space for further development of cooperation, with emphasis on information exchange, promotion and facilitation of joint implementation projects, mutual assistance in the exchange of experience and expertise in the field of professional materials in the field of technical standardisation, metrology, conformity assessment and accreditation between the Slovak and VietNam sides.

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