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Joint Initiative on Standardisation

30. september 2016

One of the points of yesterday´s Competitiveness Council meeting chaired by Mr. Peter ŽIGO, the Minister of Economy, was the signing ceremony of the Joint Initiative on Standardization.

Joint Initiative was signed by 24 European Union Member States, including Slovakia. The Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union thus significantly contributed to the visibility and implementation of this Initiative developed in collaboration with industry, European and national standardization bodies, the European Commission, EU Member States and other stakeholders, for instance organizations for environmental protection, consumer rights and trade unions.

As Commissioner ElŸbieta BIEÑKOWSKA said at yesterday’s press conference "The signing of the Joint Initiative is important for industry, companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, but not only for them the initiative is very welcomed by industry but also by other stakeholders. Today, as thanks for the effort of the Slovak Presidency, we completed the signing process, so we can really preserved the situation where we are and we will be - Europe will be  heard for standards development globally.“ Also the UNMS SR appreciates the creation of Initiative to which several parties acceded already during the Netherlands presidency of the Council.

A Joint Initiative on Standardization based on voluntary principle should ensure by defining priorities the well-timing of standards development.

According to the Joint Initiative on Standardisation the parties shall commit to follow up actions in several areas:
  • Awareness, Education and Understanding about the European Standardisation System,
  • Coordination, Cooperation, Transparency and Inclusiveness,
  • Competitiveness and International dimension of European standards.

The full text of the Joint Initiative on Standardisation is available here (PDF, 5,3 MB).

EU Member States representatives family photo; at the forefront Commissioner ElŸbieta Bieñkowska and Minister of Economy Peter Žiga.


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