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Administrative Fees - Alterations

15. marec 2016

Please, note that from 1 March 2016 the administrative fees are paid through an E-KOLOK Payment System (

The administrative fee payment related to the application for authorization or registration is carried out via following procedures:

  • The applicant pays the administrative fee in advance outside the SOSMT. Subsequently he forwards the payment receipt together with his application to the SOSMT. Registration of the application and payment of the fee into fee administration module is accomplished by the administrator, and the administrative proceedings related to the application is continued in due manner.
  • The applicant submits the application to the SOSMT. Subsequently the application is formally assessed by the administrator, and recorded in the fee administration module. The application is assigned the payment prescription with the payment term that is subsequently delivered to the applicant. The administrative procedure regarding the application starts only after payment of the administrative fee by the applicant.

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