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Free Movement of Goods

Free movement of goods is of prime importance for the Single Market. Adherence to this basic freedom enables removing obstacles to free movement of goods within the European Union. The mechanisms suitable for attaining this goal are based on following principles:

• prevention of new obstacles to trade,
• mutual recognition,
• technical harmonization

Restrictions related to free movement of products admissible according to Art. 28 and 30 of the Treaty can be avoided or removed via technical harmonization accomplished at the Community level by adopting appropriate legal provision, e.g. regulations, directives, decisions of the European Parliament, Council or Commission

Market Surveillance Authorities, responsible Ministries, web pages and market surveillance programmes -list to download (PDF, 36,5 kB)

Slovak Metrology Inspectorate - General Market Surveillance Programme - document to download (DOC, 74,2 kB)

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