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Control and Audit

The basic criteria for the controlling activities, long-term promoted by the Office leaders are: legality, economy, transparency, integrity, efficiency and thrift. This trend is in accord with contemporizing valid international customs.

The biggest part of control activities is executed according to the Act No. 10/1996 on inspection in state administration, Act No. 502/2001 on financial inspection and internal audit
Also the issues from the area of complaints belongs to the Inspection and Audit; we examine complaints concerning the work of the employees of the Office in civil or public service, as well as the leading personnel in organizations within the Office competence, in compliance with the Act No. 152/1998 on complaints.

The internal audit in the Office is done by its own employee – internal auditor. By performing practical activities, the Inspection department is directly subordinated to the president of the Office.

The activity of internal auditor is defined in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Act No. 502/2001 Coll. on financial control and internal audit, as amended by the Act No. 618/2004 Coll. and the Act No. 165/2008 Coll. and by the Charter of Internal Audit, approved by the Act of Decision of the President of the Office from the 1st of July 2004.

The long-term aim of the internal audit is to help to fulfill the objective and to bring an attitude to improve the efficiency of risk management by independent, objective assessment and advisory actions.

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